Calibrated for the specific anaesthetic drug.

  Calibrated 0.25 to 5% (Sevoflurane 8%) using a "Laser Refractometer: (Tec3 0.5 to 5.0 % No 8% Sevoflurane).

  Temperature, flow and duration of use compensation.

  Safety lock to help prevent accidental turn-on of dial.

Weight & Dimensions

Weight = 5.5kg. (Tec3 - 7.0kg).

Height = 183mm, Depth 140mm, Width 135mm.


ISO13485 : 2003,MDD 93/42 EECD

BS EN 740 : 1999, BS EN 1280-1:1997

CE registration number : 80991

Made in United Kingdom

Isoflurane Vaporizer

Sevoflurane Vaporizer

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Sevoflurane Key Adapter

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